Unleash Hope for a Cancer-Free Future

Losing a beloved pet is a heartbreak many of us know all too well. And as a pet parent, you will do anything possible to save your pup from pain and keep them with you.

​When my best boy Gus was fighting cancer, I desperately tried to find a treatment to help him. But none were available, and we lost him 12 months after he was diagnosed. The day we had to let Gus go was one of the worst days of my life.

​The heartbreak of losing Gus led to the creation of the Canine Cancer Alliance (CCA), an organization I started to support the development of safe, effective cancer treatments for dogs.

​Currently, CCA is supporting new vaccine research at Yale University. The new vaccine being tested in the study, called EGFR canine cancer vaccine, offers hope to families with dogs diagnosed with osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, and other aggressive tumors associated with EGFR/HER2 receptor overexpression. 

While the description above is a very scientific explanation using many big words, sadly if you are the parent of a pup who has one of these cancers, you know exactly what it means – and the promise the vaccine offers.

But these advances – the research, the trials, the study expansion – are only possible with YOU and your donations. Your big, generous hearts, even when broken, power this work so, one day, other pet parents won’t have to endure the same pain.

That's why CCA has established the Unleashing Hope fund. 100% of the monies donated to this ongoing campaign will go directly to support our ground-breaking, life-saving canine cancer research!

​I can never thank you enough for that gift and for your support of CCA’s mission. Your compassion and commitment give me hope that, together, we will be able to conquer canine cancer!

Mari Maeda


Canine Cancer Alliance

Now Available: The 2024 CCA Love Calendar (featuring many of your precious pets!). Each calendar is available for a suggested donation of $35. You can note on the donation form if you wish to order one. Limited quantity available.

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